KD5 miner-Strong computing power, impeccable, the first choice of big miners-Goldshell KD5 out of the box actual test

September 27th 2021

Earlier, we tested the Goldshell-KD2 out of the box. It is a household mining machine. Today we bring you a Goldshell KD5 that is suitable for operation in the mine environment.

The algorithm supported by this mining machine is the same as KD2, which is Blake2S, which is currently the mainstream model used for mining Kadena. Kadena is abbreviated as KDA, and has always been regarded as a noble coin by the currency circle, because the project research and development team is from various well-known institutions, and its background issuer is a top consortium in the United States. The trend curve is strong, and it is a proper Star II!


———————– Goldshell miners GS-KD5 ————————–

Next, we will test this machine out of the box for you

Overall appearance

The KD5 body still uses an aluminum alloy integrated design, with a simple and elegant appearance, and the size of the bare machine is exactly the same as the official website.


Close-up of the miner control board interface: You can see the IP report button, Ethernet interface, SD card slot, reset button and status indicator respectively.


Remove the top case to let everyone see the distribution of control board and hashrate board more clearly.


A close-up of the control board, with the main chip in the middle of the control board.


SNOWFAN fans are commonly found in high-power mining models. They are characterized by strong heat dissipation capacity but slightly noisy.


Remove the fan, so that everyone can see the distribution of the power board more clearly


Vibration and noise reduction rubber rings are seen on the top of the computing power board. The small humanized details produced by Jinbei have always been in place.


The disassembly is complete, and all the parts are taken together.

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