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September 24th 2021

Goldshell KD2

Today, I will give you a teardown evaluation of a household silent mining machine for the reference of miners.

Let me first talk about the algorithm supported by this miner: Kadena. It is the leader of distributed digital accounting books, an industry-leading secure, scalable platform and simple smart contract language, using blockchain to help institutions improve efficiency. The KDA background issuer is a top consortium in the United States, and the future trend is very worth looking forward to!


After understanding the relevant background of KDA, let’s analyze the latest KD2 machine from Goldshell: a single machine with 6T computing power and a power consumption of 830W. It is very friendly to many home users. The machine has low power consumption and a cheap stand-alone machine. , Payback within 100 days, we calculated the daily income through the coin mining calculator, which can be said to be very pleasantly surprised.

OK, let’s continue!!

The next step is the inspection link. Let’s disassemble the machine first and then measure it to check whether the actual operating data is consistent with the official website.


The KD2 body is still an aluminum alloy integrated design, with a simple and elegant appearance, and the bare metal dimensions are exactly the same as those on the official website.

goldshell KD2

Close-up of the miner control board interface: You can see the IP report button, Ethernet interface, SD card slot, reset button and status indicator respectively.

goldshell KD2


Fan, let me share with you, this test machine has a colorful effect, and the later mass production machine is a normal fan without colored lights.


Remove the top case to let everyone see the distribution of the power board more clearly.


The dismantling is complete, and all the components line up for a group photo.


Hands-on assembly, power on successfully! The two lights flash at the same time when the machine is turned on, and the green light flashes after the machine is successfully turned on.


The above is a prototype test, please contact us for the price and newness of the second-hand machine!

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